Food Therapy

Dietary Therapy or Food Therapy is an old Chinese concept of eating certain food to treat certain ailment, the nutrition from the food that has direct effect to our body and therefore supporting our body to get over our illness. Read more in FoodTalk.

I've been spending a lot of times in the last few months to find out more about cooking with olive oil. Legend had it that olive tree is one of the two trees in paradise, the first tree to grow on earth as well as the most beneficial and fertile tree on earth.  A tree can live up to thousand of years and only gives it's fruits once a year must have it's reason to be so immortal.  The oil from olives can be used for healing, for cooking, for cleansing. The tree branch is a peace symbol as well as using for fire to keep warm and cooking.

You can use olive oil for salad, baking, cooking, as well as nourishing your skin and hair. In recent years there are more and more olive trees grown in Mediterranean countries like Greece, Turkey, Italy and Spain. The price of olive oils are much cheaper than before due to higher yield from improved growing.  So, let's cook with olive oil and discover how versatile and beneficial olive oil is.

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