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About us

Food connects people regardless our cultural background, colour of our skin and religious believe.  Our mission is to connect Business to Business, suppliers to potential buyers. Consumers to business, our website provide high visibility display windows for ethnic food restaurants to showcase their cuisine and service to potential diners .

Back in 2009, we launched this website as a research project to find out the challenges of ethnic catering businesses, their trends and how they sustaining growths.  After two and half years, meeting hundreds of restaurants, takeaways and suppliers, in 2011, we decided to launch this website as an Oriental catering trade website to promote different sectors of Oriental catering businesses in UK.

Through our long journey, we learnt that food connected people in all walks of life. Restaurants and takeaways need to attract new customers, suppliers need to convince catering business to buy their products, diners are much opened to new food experience.  As one of a UK online media promoting ethnic food businesses, our principle is not based on customer's reviews to project how good or how bad a business is. Review can be bias, disgruntled diner may have the rights to complain, a good restaurant can fall below standard from an one-off circumstance that beyond their control, their reputation should not be marred in such manner.

Based on our previous success in promoting oriental restaurants and takeaways, we decided in 2015, it is the right time for us to embark on a new journey to add Turkish and Eastern European restaurant and takeaway businesses on our website, promoting new cuisine is not just listing the business details, our responsibility base on our knowledge learnt through our researches as well as contributions from our new team members. Introducing new food recipes and FoodTalk are some of our ways to help our readers to understand other ethnic foods and their cultures. I hope you will find the information we share with you in this website are useful and interesting. After all, Foods are made for sharing.

Kathy Cheng Ertug

About the founder

Founder K ChengI’ve been watching people cooking since I was 3 years of age. Born a third girl of a wealthy Chinese family, after my 2 younger male siblings died soon after birth within 2 consecutive years, I was looked after by a maid and her elder sister who worked as our chef. During my childhood, I spent more time watching the chef preparing food and cooking more than playing with toys. My best childhood memories were tasting all kinds of food before other members of my family, my love of cooking also firmly grew from that time.

Arrived in London 1971 from Hong Kong, studied nursing at Hammersmith Hospital. Became a volunteer in 1976 when the first group of Vietnamese Refugees arrived in UK. I was immediately appointed by British Refugee Council to work on refugee resettlement programme in London. Working alongside my fellow countrymen from Vietnam in the next 4 years, my biggest achievement was helping the new arrivals to settle in their new home and found employment for them. I learnt from the very beginning how important to match their skills with a large network of prospective employers. My honest and informative approach to the national and Chinese newspapers, help me to secure many employment opportunities for the refugees.

In 1980, I was employed by Sing Tao Chinese Newspaper as sub editor of their European edition. 1982, I was promoted to Marketing Manager position, responsible for setting up newspaper distribution network in UK and rest of Europe. Within the next six years, I organised the first Mid autumn festival celebration in London & Paris China Town. At the same time, published first ever Chinese free weekend supplement, set the benchmark for today’s free Chinese newspaper.

Between 1988 to 1996, I owned a successful creative agency in north London. In 1996 I was persuaded to join Hong Kong TVB’s UK new venture Chinese Chennel, the first Chinese satellite television in Europe. Appointed as their Marketing Manager, lead a team to promote the TV channel and managed many successful campaigns for TV channel as well as their advertisers. I left Chinese Channel due to my husband’s employment position changed, I swapped the high flying job to a less demanding creative designer’s job at Stones Creative advertising agency. In there, I had few first opportunities to create web and design projects. In year 2000 I was given the opportunity to take over some of their clients under my own company Colourcraft Studio Ltd.

Combined with my passion of cooking, design skill and marketing knowledge, in 2009 I launched my own website as a market research project. In 2012, I relaunched it to the current website representating UK oriental restaurants and takeaways. The aim of this website is to create a platform for the trade where oriental caterers can freely access issues related to their trade, suppliers information and offers. It is now providing free display windows to over 5,000 oriental restaurants and takeaways where UK diners can freely access.

Kathy Cheng Ertug

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