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日前英國獨立報(Independent)和電報(The Telegraph)報導 Action on Salt 的調查報告,很明顯地借用圖庫的中餐外賣盒裝的食品圖片報導中餐內含有超量的鹽。 事實上調查的報告內大部份針對英超市出售的一些中式預製餐內含有2-3克...

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日本食品入口禁令 英國歐盟仍未放鬆

繼美國食品和藥品管理局FDA 2016年10月17日對日本食品入口禁令更新後,英國食品標準局Food Standards Agency表示日本食品入口英國禁令仍然沒有更改或放鬆。日本進口飼料和食品的保障措施是世界食品安全採取自福島第一核電站事...

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Water - 食客要飲免費水

最近很多英國華人自助餐餐館因為太多食客不願意多付出飲品費用,要求餐館供應免費自來水(即水喉水, tap water), 自助餐館因此向食客收小費用40p. 我們要提醒餐館顧主,這種收費是不合法的,而且還會因小失大,被取消售...

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1000 meals to tackle hunger in London by School of Wok

Food poverty has been with us since the beginning of humankind. For those who are closely involved in food are most conscious about doing something to help tackling the problem.    On 1st November 2016, a small group of people did just that, led by the founder of “School o...

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Wok for 1000

SCHOOL OF WOK TO HOST LARGE-SCALE CHARITY EVENT; WOK FOR 1000  Food insecurity and food wastage are two major issues in the UK, affecting both businesses as well as hundreds of thousands of individuals and families each day. Jeremy Pang’s School of Wok, an Asian specialist coo...

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