Regency Chinese Restaurant
The Regency Chinese Restaurant has been transformed into a home of fine dining for Cantonese and Seafood cuisine connoisseurs. The delightful interior decor is contemporary to give maximum comfort. Offers a wide variety of dishes that you won't get from any restaurant in the vincinity. For those who have bigger appetite, between Sunday to Thursday, the restaurant offers a "Create Your Own Menu" where they have free choice over the 82 dishes available. Customers to choose any 5 dishes in each course but any amount of courses that they wish, combining great choice with fantastic value.
Rated 2.67/5 (53.41%) (756 Votes)
Reservation No Average meal cost per person £15 Restaurant capacity 120 Payment Options Cash, Major Debit & Credit Cards
Address 12-14 Mutton Lane
Potters Bar
Tel 01707 652 551 Site
Opening hours Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Antepliler restaurant
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