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Wrights cake mixes
Korean style fried duck Mucver Stuffed bulgur balls with minced meat & walnuts Fresh Vietnamese steamed rice roll


Home-made Cereal Bars

These bars are packed with goodness and quick and easy to prepare. They make a great snack and keep well for up to a week. Try adapting them by adding your own favourite ingredients. Ingredients:  125g clear honey       36.5p 50g unsalted Butter   &nbs...

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Pierogy is the eastern Slavic name for filled dumplings, a popular dish in Slavic and Baltic cuisines. Made with unleavened dough, shaped in semi-circular pockets. The traditional savoury fillings are potato and pickled cabbage(sauerkraut), minced meat with fresh cabbage or cheese etc., Served wi...

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Porridge Oat Pancakes

Porridge oat pancakes also known as Scotch Pancakes, they are very easy to make and nutritious, an excellent alternative to make use of porridge oats. Only use 6 basic ingredients to make the pancakes, add a little imagination for the topping. Chocolate sauce, jam, syrup, honey, banana for sweet ...

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Vegetable fried Noodles

Fried noodles is one of the Southeast Asian staple foods, it’s also one of the best selling dishes offered by Chinese restaurants and takeaways.  The basic fried noodles usually cookd with fresh bean sprouts. In this recipe, shredded courgette is recommended to avoid wastage of the unu...

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Meatball Tagliatelle in Tomato Sauce

Meatballs are very easy to make, get your kids involve rolling the meatballs when you are making this for their dinner. The juicy chunks of minced beef balls taste far better than just mince beef in tomato sauce. In this recipe, you should get at least 42 walnut size meatballs. You can also ...

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