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Malaysian Recipes

Malaysian style seafood fried rice

This mouth-watering recipe is suitable to serve as a main meal or serve as a side dish. Malaysian style seafood fried rice is very easy to make, delicious and just a hint of spiciness.  The ingredients used in this recipe are everyday restaurant and takeaway stocks. We also add details of ho...

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Sesame Satay Chicken Fritters

Sesame Satay Chicken Fritters  -  20 fritters, serve 4 as starters This is a very simple and easy to make “Party Food”. Use any part of the chicken meat to prepare, simply remove the skin and bone, we recommend coarsely cut the chicken meat instead of putting the meat th...

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Mixed Satay Party Food

Entertaining your friends and family during Christmas needn't be expensive, this mixed satay recipe is cheaper than supermarket buy one get one free offer! The total costs are less than £10 and we still have 250g minced turkey left to make the next recipe - Mini Satay Minced Turkey past...

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Spicy chicken wings

Chicken wings are inexpensive, easy to prepare and cook. This month, we developed this dish as starter for our restaurants and takeaways, but you can also make it at home as finger food for your summer party. To serve 5-8 people as a starter, you need 16 wings which cost less than £5. ...

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Fried chicken with satay sauce

Satay is a favourite South East Asian food, the sauce main ingredients are dried shrimps, lemongrass, galangal, tamarind, shallot, garlic, coconut cream, peanuts... The sauce can be used as a dip or to stir-fried with meat and vegetable.  it is as popular as the sweet & sour and Curr...

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