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Korean style fried duck Mucver Stuffed bulgur balls with minced meat & walnuts Fresh Vietnamese steamed rice roll

Turkish Recipes

Rose Apple Tarts

Most people familiar with drinking apple tea when visiting Turkey.  But apple is one of the fruits that commonly used to make desserts in Turkey. Rose Apple Tart is a well-known culinary delight that often serves as banqueting dessert. The name "Rose" does not suggest it ...

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Stuffed bulgur balls with minced meat and walnuts

İçli Köfte - Stuffed bulgur balls with minced meat and walnuts, is a delicious starter dish or snack. The making process is a little complicated, but it is worthwhile for the efforts. Bulgur wheat is a staple food for most Turkish and Middle East countries. There are many differ...

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Mucver-Fried courgette patties

As a meze or main meal, mücver is a favourite Turkish dish that love by young and old. In this recipe, I modified the ingredients slightly to give a firmer consistency. Like most vegetable patties, it is very easy to make for one as a meal or as a starter Read more ›
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