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Vietnamese Recipes

Hanoi Fried Shrimp Fritters - Banh Tom

Hanoi Fried Shrimp Fritters - Bánh Tôm is a north Vietnamese favourite street food, unlike shrimps from south Vietnam, north Vietnamese shrimps have softer shell. For this recipe, I used Northsea cooked and frozen shrimps with shell on. You can get them from any supermarket frozen se...

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Pho-Vietnamese beef noodle soup

PHO is one of the most eaten Vietnamese dishes in Vietnam, a typical northern Vietnamese food with cooked beef broth laced with paper thin raw beef, boiling beef broth is poured over the raw beef before serving so that the meat would cooked instantly but remain very tender. This beef noodle sh...

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Vietnamese fresh rice pastry rolls

Another Vietnamese dish and that's suitable for restaurant to make and serves in few minutes. Fresh rice pastry rolls fill with minced pork is a typical northern Vietnamese breakfast. Traditionally, served with diluted fish dipping sauce (nuoc mum cham) and slices of boiled or fried cold pork...

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Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Since we posted one of our Vietnamese cuisine article last year, I received many requests for Vietnamese recipe on the website, I do apologise for putting the recipe idea off unitl now. Grew up in Vietnam as a teenager, Vietnamese food is still one of my favourite foods, it was until I was workin...

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