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Malaysian style seafood fried rice

This mouth-watering recipe is suitable to serve as a main meal or serve as a side dish. Malaysian style seafood fried rice is very easy to make, delicious and just a hint of spiciness.  The ingredients used in this recipe are everyday restaurant and takeaway stocks. We also add details of how to cook rice for our home users to follow.

Malaysian style seafood fried rice recipe is sponsored by Jimmy Saté Sauce, available in most Asian & Chinese supermarkets.

150g long grain rice
240ml water
100g frozen cooked shrimps (defrosted)
6 seafood sticks cut in small pieces
60g frozen peas (defrosted)
1 medium egg (beaten)
2 tablespoons Jimmy’s Saté Sauce
Oil for cooking
Salt as per taste

Wash, rinse and drain the rice in cooking pot with water. Ideally using an electric rice cooker. Add water and let the rice cooker does the cooking (See below for how to cook rice on a hob).

Heat up a wok or a large non-stick frying pan with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, pour the beaten egg, seafood and peas to stir until the egg is cooked. Add all the rice into the wok, mix the contents well in scooping motions until the rice completely loose, spreading the rice around the wok to leave the center of the wok empty.

Before adding the sauce to the wok, lower the heat to prevent the sauce burning; Stir Jimmy’s Saté Sauce well in it's jar before adding to the middle of the wok. Gently mix the sauce with the rice and then turn the heat higher, let the rice absorb the oil and spices from the sauce, keep stirring the rice in scooping motions, add salt to taste if necessary. Serve Malaysian style seafood rice on it's own as a main meal or as a side dish.

How to cook rice on a hob
If cooking rice on a hob. Use high heat to cook the rice and water to reach boiling without covering with lid for 30 seconds, lower the heat to a simmering point, cover the pot with lid and let it simmer without stirring the rice. Wait for 10 minutes until the liquid evaporated completely, turn the heat to very low and leave the rice stand for 10 minutes without opening or stirring the rice at all. After 10 minutes, the rice is cooked and ready to use for fried rice.

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